International youth hockey tournament organized by the same directors of the CCM World Invite (the largest AAA hockey tournament in the world held annually every November in Chicago, Illinois, USA). This will be our 11th year in a row conducting the tournament in Europe. The previous Euro Invite’s were held in Moscow, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Riga, Prague, Helsinki and Bratislava. The tournament is now accepting team applications for the July 24th – July 30th, 2021 event to be held in Bled, Slovenia. The CCM Euro Invite gives young people an opportunity to play games against teams from around the world, attend cultural tours & events and cap off a great summer.


Player lists of all participating teams reflecting last name, first name, jersey number(s) for both sets of jerseys, player passport number as well as team photograph and logo must be provided and reach the organizer by not later than May 1st 2021.


A guaranteed deposit fee of 1200 € Euro must be submitted within 10 days after confirmation by the organizer. If the team cancels the participation (for any applied reason) after 1st of March 2021 the whole amount of 1200 € will remain with the organizer.
We can help you find accommodation. Price range from 40 – 90 € per night.

Deposit should be submitted to the following account:
Ljubljanska cesta 5
4260 Bled
IBAN: SI56 0312 7100 0003 205 (SKB BANKA)

The transfer form should include the team name and the age group. The entry fee for the tournament is 1200 € Euro and is taken for ice rink rentals, transportation and organizational matters such as time keeping, refereeing, etc.

Deposit and entry fee for teams which arrives with their bus is 800€ Euro.


Tournament rules

Tournament rules are in compliance with IIHF in Slovenian Ice hockey federation. Tournament is running between 24th and 30th of July 2021. All players must wear numbered uniforms in the proper team colors. The home team (A) will wear a white or light colored jersey and the visiting team (B) shall wear a dark colored jersey.


Tournament has 6 age categories (min 6 games per team)

  • 2006 – 2 x 20 minute periods (1 minute between periods)
  • 2007 – 2 x 20 minute periods (1 minute between periods)
  • 2008 – 2 x 20 minute periods (1 minute between periods)
  • 2009 – 2 x 20 minute periods (1 minute between periods)
  • 2010 – 2 x 20 minute periods (1 minute between periods)
  • 2011 – 2 x 20 minute periods (1 minute between periods)


Starting Time/Warm Up Period

  • Teams should be ready to enter the ice surface for the warm-up period up to ten minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If the tournament is running ahead of schedule teams are expected to be ready to play.
  • Warm-up time shall be two minutes without puck.



2-minutes of the game.



Each period counts as a game in regular round.

  • Win – 2 points
  • Win after PS – 2 points
  • Loss after PS – 1 point
  • Loss – 0 points


Period breaks & Timeouts

Teams do not change sides between period breaks. No timeout is allowed. One timeout per team is allowed only for placement games.


Placement games

Placement games are pointed same as regular round, but both periods counts as one game.


Tie game

If game is tied a sudden death shootout takes place (each round counts). Each player can only shoot once. (A) teams starts after 1st period, (B) team starts after 2nd period.


Running clock

A running clock will be used when one team is ahead by 4 or more goals. 


Tournament standings

Standings will be compiled by the tournament director and staff and posted at the rinks.

Teams will be ranked within their tournament group by the total number of points obtained. In the event of a tie, final standings will be determined by the following criteria:

  1. Head to head competition – With 3 or more teams tied, all teams must have played each other and there must be an obvious winner. If not we skip Head to Head and go to Most Wins.
  2. Most wins
  3. Goal differential
  4. Fewest goals against
  5. Fewest penalty minutes
  6. Coin toss



  • Game Misconduct Penalty – Any player or coach receiving a game misconduct penalty shall be suspended for the next tournament game.
  • Match Penalty – Any player, coach or manager who receives a match penalty shall be suspended immediately for the balance of the tournament and these players, coaches and teams will not be welcomed for future Bled CCM tournaments.
  • Game Suspensions – Suspensions resulting from game or gross misconducts, or any other circumstances, which are mandated by IIHF or Tournament Rules will not be overturned by the Tournament Director or the Bled CCM Tournament Committee under any circumstances. Players, coaches and parents should be fully aware of the potential consequences of their actions at all times.
  • Minor – 2:00
  • Major – 5:00
  • Misconduct – 10:00


Game officials

Referees are provided by the organization.



Protests related to interpretations of specific rules will be reviewed and considered by the tournament director within one hour of a completed game. Protests must be submitted to the tournament director in writing citing the specific rule, from the current IIHF Hockey rulebook, in question. Protests related to judgment calls by referees will not be considered. Decisions of the tournament committee are final.



Winning teams receives trophy and medals, medals for 2nd team.

Best player of the gold medal game and MVP of the tournament are awarded for each category.


First aid

First aid is provided by the organization.


Teams and players are playing on their own responsibility.